Rock and Roll Love Songs For The First Wedding Dance

Who wouldn’t want a flawless day or night spent with family and friends to celebrate a union of two people? Everyone would want their wedding to be perfect. This is a day or night where memories are made which people will live to remember and talk about. Give a unique and personalised gift for her to make bride's day more special and memorable.

Therefore everything has to be perfect or close to perfect starting with the venue, timing, number of people, food and drinks and finally and most important the music. Music is the main component of a wedding ceremony for it sets the mood for the big day.

Playing good music will keep people on the floor rather than on their seats. Thinking of perfect music to play? Music everyone will enjoy from the young to old and men to women? Rock and roll music would do. This is a genre of music that is rarely played in weddings, so it will make your wedding unique which would be a plus. This type of music is also perfect for every section of the ceremony from walking down the aisle to the cocktail party. The dance moves for rock and roll music are open and easy to accommodate everyone. Celebration is never complete without dances.

For you as bride and the groom you have to make your first dance in the ceremony something to remember. When the DJ calls you for a dance and you are there under the spotlight with your new partner and all eyes on you, you have to make this dance a memorable one by making sure you reconnect as a couple, keep smiling, forget the flaws in case of any and avoid dress mishaps by practicing before the occasion.

Rock and roll music will help you reconnect with it beats and the message. Imagine dancing to crash into me by Dave Matthews band or all I want is you by U2. Rock and roll music does not also conflict with any religion nor culture. A mix of the rock songs would do than playing one song.