Max Brooks Author of "World War Z" & "The Zombie Survival Guide"

"As dark and haunting as the howl of a distant storm, Picture An Accident conjures images of loss, solitude and pain. This is just great music, pure and simple. Deep, moving, beautiful."

Sean Murray Composer of "Call Of Duty: Black Ops" & "Call Of Duty: World At War"

"David Morris of Picture An Accident is one of the most interesting and gifted song writers to come along in a while. He redefines progressive rock in a fresh and exciting way."

Web Reviews: 2010

Dark Witch - Angola, NY

“Great song! (Faces Everywhere) And I think the name of your band is great and the album cover is fantastic! Good luck and keep up the great music.”

Sin - Los Alamos, NM

"Heaven or Hell" rich in texture, full and filling... very very interesting... progressive and spacey... I very much like this !!!!!!”