Picture an Accident

The rock album ‘picture an accident’ was released in 2010 by David Morris as a dedication to his late father Howard Morris, the pioneering comedy actor. The development of this album was based on the dozen experiences that Morris had in the productions of his father while he was growing up. His father had achieved his fame when he was co-starring with Imogene Coca and Carl Reiner on the famous ‘Your show of shows’. David was deeply affected by the loss of his father in 2005 and many times he is heard saying that he missed him. This father’s outstanding life was the inspiration behind this record.

David’s intention was to create a great experience that would guide those who listened to his music through a maze full of twists and turns. The musical tension, coupled with the emotional lift, was achieved through a blend of traditional and modern instrumentation. His fans actually responded well to it.

David made this album entirely on his own. The writing, producing and recording took him seven months. This included playing of all the instruments and singing the supporting and lead vocals. David considers himself as a serious artist who has the capability to develop and market himself, which is something that makes him very proud of himself. In fact, David has been in a position to influence various rock legends such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park and many more.

David Morris is a diverse character. Not only has he created music, he has also directed a number of productions for fortune 500 companies and film studios. He has also featured in a number of TV shows, multiple films and a couple of cartoons. For 25 years, David was the voice of the well-known Qantas Koala bear.

You can find the album picture an accident at all leading music stores.