5 Smashing Ideas of Rock'n'Roll Wedding

Despite skeptics' claims, rock'n'roll is alive and attracts a plethora of new fans. Inspired by the hits of Elvis Presley, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the fans of rock'n'roll will immensely love the idea of a rock'n'roll wedding. Read on to know how to organize truly crazy wedding and make your awesome celebration tuning!


  1. Guitar is the main motive of decorating the wedding in rock'n'roll style. One can make a guest book or a tree of desires from a usual guitar. And you can hang out at the entrance to the hall little guitars from the cardboard. The children coming to the wedding will be able to choose one and paint to his/her taste. Fun is guaranteed! After this, one can organize a competition The Best Wedding Wanker to swing the dance floor!

  3. The wedding by some couples lasts forever! For instance, the rock'n'roll lovers from Belgium Michael and Anne created a wedding video "Rock of Ages" to implement the history of music style to their wedding. The video turned out unusual, since it not only mocks the modern wedding videography with its standard "pink" canons, but also fully conveys the atmosphere of carbon monoxide mood and drive, which was that day. The idea of pranking video is just what you need for a rock'n'roll wedding!

  5. The appearance of a bride and a groom can also become an unusual surprise at rock'n'roll wedding. For instance, a couple from Russia Stas and Olga used this idea brightly. Stas, under a storm of applause, was carried to the scene on the hands of his friends to the song «I believe I can fly» and Olga drove across the room on a motorcycle, followed by a furious roar of the motor. However, all details such as driving speed, distance to the guests, parking lot and safety should be thought out. The maneuver looks beautiful in the wedding video, but there aren’t any miracles!

  7. The Beatles-Wedding is an ideal unusual wedding for those who cherish the music of" The Beatles» and those who live this great culture and a whole epoch of rock'n'roll. A thematic wedding in The Beatles» style can be easily mirrored in the video. The newlyweds can behave uncontrolled, crazy, but at the same time turn to romantic and sentimental. The invitations to a themed wedding in The Beatles style should be better developed in the DVD-Video. The restaurant should include the banners, among which the famous Liverpool quartet one can watch the newly-married couple.

  9. If black-and-white movies are inspiring for you, but you cannot give a clear idea about the colors and styles of clothing, you are welcome to refer to the musical "Nine", since it suits for every taste, every budget, every detail and every possible color. It turns out that rock 'n' roll isn’t only magnificent pleated skirts, short hair or high beams on top. Luxury dress on the floor and heavy, flowing tresses in disarray can become a wedding image of any bride and her friends. The music is easy to pick up, but with contests and cars one have to work hard.